Wednesday, August 1, 2007


It's been a fun week. Peyton's sleep schedule is completely turned upside down! She was up til 3am last night...only after Moira had been up since 3:30am yesterday morning!! What a fun day that was!!
Peyton went to Texas Childrens with Ron today for her MRI. She was able to have it done!! She's a trouper. She was quite playful when they got home. She was really in good spirits. A little difficult to get to sleep, but she is asleep now...hopefully for the night.
Peyton's eyes are still very red, but she is opening them more. There's still a lot of "goop" coming out of them, but they are looking better bit by bit. Of course, if anyone were to see her, they still might wonder what happened to her!
Glad to have her eye exam/surgery out of the way and her 12 month MRI finally done at 14 1/2 months! Her neurosurgeon should have the report by Friday. We meet with him on Tuesday next week to discuss the MRI. I'll keep you posted.

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