Saturday, August 11, 2007


Peyton came home today! We were home by about 11:00 or so this morning. She is doing really well after her surgery. She occasionally will get fairly fussy which leads me to believe she's still in some pain. I can't imagine her not having some pain! She is becoming more and more active, which is good. The doctors told us to just let Peyton be herself and not restrict her movement too much. We were told that if she can get moving her neck as she normally does, it will help her out in the long run.
She is still pretty congested, so hopefully we can get that knocked out pretty quickly. It makes me a bit nervous considering her hospitalization for her congestion back in May. However, I am sure they wouldn't let us leave today if she wasn't well.
Peyton's not 100% her happy little self, but she's getting there. She's definitely quite active now and is making us nervous with her head movements, but we realize it's good for her to move. We get to take the dressing off her incision tomorrow. How fun. She just has steri-strips holding the incision together. We will follow up with the Neurosurgeon next week.

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