Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hospital Life...Day 38

Today is Day 38.  If you missed yesterday's update, you can read it HERE.  If you haven't read it, you may wish to start there before continuing.

Through the night last night, Peyton's breathing sounded very "wet" or "junky".  More than her norm.  Her oxygen saturation also dropped into the low 70% area a couple times.  There were a few things which, on discussion with one of the members of Peyton's medical team, were felt to be signs of worsening pulmonary edema.

I don't know how well Peyton slept last night, but she really did not sleep at all today.  She was very restless and uncomfortable.  For a while now, she has had a constant motion of her left leg {the one that isn't broken}.  Yesterday it was her arms as well.  Today it was her body.  She wasn't crying, except during diaper changes, but she wasn't comfortable.  I just wanted her to be comfortable.  To be still.  It took a lot of effort to get her to a point where she was more comfortable.  Even now, hours later, that leg is till going.  She's not moving around as much as she was, but still not totally settled.  I would love for her to just sleep.

Moira stayed home from school today.  She is understandably upset about what is going on.  She and Ron came to the hospital around noon and spent several hours up here.  Moira was able to speak with one of the child life specialists here.  We are happy that the things she is expressing are all very normal.  We hate that she's going through this - we all hate to be going through this.  When I first saw Moira, she looked upset and came over, gave me a big hug and asked me why Peyton has to die.  I cannot answer that. It just kills me that my child is having to go through this.  Not long after that, though, she was playing a game on my laptop.  Every now and then a random question would surface, but she was fairly content to do her own thing most of the day.

We were blessed with some visitors from church today.  From prayer to song and music, to having one of our pastors visit, to having a couple from our small group here, it was all very much appreciated and much needed today.  We are very grateful to have such an incredibly supportive church family as we have no family here locally.

I don't know if I will write daily updates at this point.  I did want to let you know how Peyton is doing.  It seems things accelerated on their own before we had to "enact" anything from our conference we had yesterday.  Our primary goal now is for her comfort.  As always, and especially now, your prayers are much appreciated.  Please also include our families in your prayers as they will be starting their travels this way soon.  As I write this, I know my dad is leaving in the morning to head down from Canada.  Prayers for peace for our family are much appreciated.

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