Monday, April 15, 2013

Hospital Life...Day 21

Today is Day 21.  Three weeks.  If you missed the Day 20 update, you can read that HERE.

I am writing this update early today because we could use some serious prayers for Peyton.  This morning when the resident came in, we pulled back the sheet to look at Peyton's leg.  Her thigh went from simply looking swollen and slightly red to looking like this:

She paged Ortho and an ultrasound was ordered.  She hasn't had the ultrasound as of yet, but hopefully she will soon.  The team just rounded.  The nurse had {per Ortho's instructions} removed the splint.  When the attending looked at her leg, her leg actually looked worse than what you see above.  This goes down to her knee.  It's hot to the touch.  Looking at the x-ray from yesterday, there is a large hematoma present but the concern right now is that there is infection settling in there.  Depending on what the results of the ultrasound are, she may also require an MRI which, of course, would require sedation.  That is a concern for her.  She is a high risk for surgery should that be necessary.  But, as my mother would always say, "Don't go borrowing trouble."  One thing at a time.  In the meantime, the doctor is going to start her on a second antibiotic to cover any sort of infection brewing.

As we wait for an ultrasound, please say some prayers for her that this isn't anything major that would require surgery.  It may even be that it just needs drained, but that's still a risk.  I wanted to post this now so we could get all of Peyton's prayer warriors going with this in mind this morning.

Thank you so much.  We appreciate it and I will update later when we know more.  

{The follow up to this post can be found HERE.}

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