Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hospital Life...Day 20

Today is Day 20.  In case you missed yesterday's update, you can check that out HERE.

There is not a lot of news to report today.  Peyton is about the same as yesterday.  She continues on her IV antibiotics for a possible infection. 

Peyton was supposed to have her right femur x-rayed tomorrow, but it was done today instead.  Had Peyton gone home from the hospital 19 days ago, tomorrow would have been her 3-week follow up with Ortho for the fracture to check on it's healing.  Her thigh and knee are still quite swollen.  If there is a difference in size {for the better}, it is not much at all.  I'm no radiologist, but I saw the x-ray on the portable machine.  Ouch!!  Poor Peyton.  Just looking at her leg makes me want to cry.  It's so swollen and she has got to be in a lot of pain.  She is still in the newest splint, and I assume that will continue for a while.  Just for my peace of mind, I would want her to!  When she had the tibia fracture back in February, she got to a point in the three weeks her leg was splinted where she would move her leg around as much as she was able.  That isn't happening this time around.  That is a little worrisome to me.

There is still no talk of a date to go home, as things still need to be sorted out with her labs, TPN, pain management, and so on before that can happen.  To be honest, I have fears about going home.  We will have her admitted to the hospice care program, so that will be helpful, but it also puts us in a new season of Peyton's life.  When I see how Peyton is today, I see a pretty sick child.  I see an improved version of the girl laying in that bed a couple weeks ago, but nothing has changed with what's going on on the inside - the underlying condition.

I try my best to not worry about the things I shouldn't worry about - whether it is with Peyton or things on the outside world.  I am trying my best to only be concerned with today, but then things creep into my who is the next attending going to be and when will the change happen.  Will they be as familiar with Peyton as they need to be?  Have they been with her before?  Again, I get ahead of myself by worrying about these things, but still I worry.

Tomorrow we wrap up three weeks in the hospital.  Thank you again to everyone for their kindness, support, prayers, etc.  We truly appreciate it!!

Keep up the prayers!!

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