Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Hospital & Back Home Again

I want to apologize for the lateness in this post.  I did not have my laptop with me, and was unable to post anything from my kindle....BUT....I wanted to say that Peyton was in the hospital this week.  That said, she is home again!!

On Monday afternoon, her home nurse was concerned about her.  Her heard rate was elevated and she was noticing some other subtle changes.  She was convinced we needed to go to the ER.  I wasn't...but that's just me.  Finally I relented, and we were going to go.  We were getting Peyton situated and were about a minute from heading out the door when she coughed up a bunch of blood.  That did it for me.  Definitely convinced we needed to go.

So we went to the ER and along the way, she did the same thing again.  We got to the ER shortly after 7pm Monday.  About 2 hours later, we knew she was going to be admitted.  She wound up in the step-down unit of the PICU again.  Same place as last time - just a few weeks ago.  By sometime after 11pm, we had her in a room.

The main concern was the blood.  Her chest x-ray seemed improved from a few weeks ago when she had the pneumonia, although they could tell it was still {mildly} present.  She'd received a couple different antibiotics via IV {one dose each} but then they were discontinued.  The main reason for the stay really became about the blood.  So, I suppose after all, my leaning towards not going to the ER was ok, but because of the bleeding, we did the right thing.

The ICU doctor was wonderful but he transferred Peyton over to the general peds team on Tuesday.  They monitored her til Wednesday and we were back home by 4:30pm on Wednesday no worse for the wear.

She seems ok now.  Still getting over the initial illness from a few weeks go, but she's generally improved.  Since the two episodes of coughing up blood, she hasn't had that happen again - and they never did determine why it happened.

This site was not playing nice with others as far as my kindle goes, so I was unable to post here.  However, I did post a couple updates on my blog, which you can check out HERE and HERE.  If you have been following me on twitter, facebook, or on my blog, then these two links won't be new to you.

I'll invite you to follow along on my blog anyway.  Just click HERE to get to the main page.  I tend to write a lot more on there anyway.

We're so grateful for the love and prayers we've received the past few weeks since Peyton was first hospitalized.  Thank you to those who have prayed, sent well-wishes, brought meals or coffee or whatever helped to get us through.  It's been a really challenging past few weeks.

Thanks so much!!

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