Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trying This Again

Hi there.  I tried to type something last night on my Kindle, but I was having issues.  I tried to save what I had done as a draft, but it published even though it wasn't done and had some nice autocorrect issues.  I had to delete it and wait til I had Ron's laptop here.

So...I am back.

I am updating today to let you know that Peyton was admitted to the hospital yesterday.  On the 14th, she wasn't herself.  Just fussy and tired, but not wanting to sleep.  I couldn't pinpoint what her problem was.  We did attend the Luke 14 Banquet at our church.  You can read about that on my blog here

When we got home, she wound up having a low grade fever and she threw up once.  That night, she was pretty restless.  In the morning she was burning up and threw up some.  Her temp was 103.5  Her heart rate was up around 180. Once we got Moira off to school, Ron and I brought Peyton in to the ER.  She was right out of it by the time we got to the hospital.  Ron dropped me off at the door and went to park.  Peyton totally bypassed triage and was taken back immediately.  Within seconds we had 7 or 8 doctors and nurses in the room with her.  Her coloring was not good.  Her blood pressure was very low.  Her heart rate was very high.  Her fever was high.  

They accessed her port immediately and pushed fluids in with a big syringe rather than just start the IV.  They gave her over 300cc's of fluid that way before starting the IV, hoping it would help to get her blood pressure back up.  Her oxygen was also pretty low.  They had to put her on a mask and give her lots of oxygen.  It was a bit frightening to see how quickly she became so sick.

We waited all day in the ER.  The children's hospital is packed.  We finally got into a room around 4pm or so.  She was brought up to the step down unit of the PICU, which is not a place we've been to before.  More monitoring here.  

So far, we have found out that she has rhinovirus and pneumonia.  Other labs are still pending.  

In addition to this, over the weekend, the balloon in her GJ tube had broken and the tube was in danger of falling right out.  However, her home nurse managed to get it secured really well before that happened.  I hadn't actually set up anything to have the tube replaced prior to heading to the ER, so I made that issue one of secondary concern while we were at the ER.  She had the tube changed out today.

We should be getting transferred to a regular room.  I thought it was going to be today.  I suppose it still could be.  We'll see.

I will keep you updated.

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