Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hospital Life...Day 27

Today is Day 27.  If you missed yesterday's post, you can read it HERE.

We continue to battle with Peyton's pain.  I just feel so helpless when I see and hear her in so much pain.  The Morphine dose that is given continuously has gone up, but it keeps needing to go up.  She is also still requiring additional doses for breakthrough pin.  Last night they began a new regimen where they would give her three doses of Morphine, 10 minutes apart and then keep the continuous Morphine going.  The theory is that would get her to a higher level and hopefully sustain her  longer.  In theory, that should have lasted 8 hours.  It did not.  She was given an additional dose in the early morning hours.  At 7:00 this morning they were able to repeat the 3 bolus regimen.  That should have held her til 3:00pm but she needed an additional dose about an hour or so ago.  She is not crying out just now, but she's very fidgety.  She can't get comfortable.  She looks so tired and wants to sleep, but can't get there.

The team had one of the PICU doctors come have a look at Peyton.  He actually just left.  He actually did a procedure on Peyton over a year ago to drain a couple abscesses that she had.  They consulted with him to see if he might have any additional thoughts on what we could do to manage Peyton's pain.  Above all else right now, we need {and want} to keep her comfortable.  She is not.  He agreed with the current plan with the Morphine, but I think that he may be discussing with the people here about increasing the rate.  He also discussed the possibility of administering something like Valium or Ativan or something in that family to help settle her.  Failing that, he has another idea in his back pocket if she maxes out on the narcotics.  We will see if we get to needing that.

Peyton's heart rate has been increased between last night and now.  It's been in the 140s-160s.  When agitated, I've seen it jump even higher.  Diaper changes and any sort of movement is so incredibly painful.  I can't stand crying in front of people, but I just can't help it now.  To watch your child suffer like this is just more than I can bear sometimes.  I try to be strong for her, but there are times when I just have to walk to the bathroom or just sit down for a moment.  I just keep praying for relief for her pain.  That relief seems very difficult to find.  She's had some, but eventually the pain just intensifies and we're right back to the pain and suffering.

In the outside world, Ron's mom is visiting.  She bumped up her visit so she could come lend a hand with Moira.  Moira, of course, is loving it.  They are pretty close, so I am very happy that they are going to get to spend some good quality time together.  When I heard where they went for brunch after church today, I told Ron they needed to hook me up, so I expect to see them in a little while!

I'll keep you posted on how Peyton's pain is doing.  Hopefully I have a better report next time.

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