Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hospital Life...Day 19

Today is Day 19.  If you missed the Day 18 update, you can catch up HERE.

Last night, Peyton's heart rate began to rise a bit.  It was concerning to find it back in the 130s-150s.  It was higher than it has been lately once again this morning.  She also didn't quite look "herself" yesterday.  Ok, well, that could be said for the past 19 days, but considering how she's been the past few days, yesterday was a negative change.  I thought her eyes maybe looked more purple or sunken.  She was a bit more irritable and wanted nothing to do with smiling for anyone today.  Her temperature had also been a little higher than it had been both yesterday and today.

When the doctors rounded, they decided that it would be a good idea to get a chest xray.  I don't know what that showed officially.  They also drew some blood and did a urine culture.  Her white count was up a bit.  Rather than take any chances with Peyton, they began some IV antibiotics.

A couple of the nurses on the floor gave Peyton a "spa" treatment when they were cleaning her up today.  One decided that the ties from one of the yellow disposable gowns that they wear when going into rooms on contact precautions {as they do in Peyton's room} would make good pigtail ties.  They also gave a pedicure to match her manicure from the other day.  I thought that was so sweet of them.

Aside from what seems to be some kind of new infection brewing, it's been a quiet day.  Ron and Moira came up this afternoon as did one of Peyton's home nurses.  I think it's a "tired" day all the way around.  I took a nap late this afternoon.  I feel marginally better now.

We shall see what tomorrow brings.

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