Saturday, February 9, 2013

Home Again

Peyton was able to come home from the hospital yesterday {Friday}.  There wasn't really a whole lot more that could be done at that point other than to make sure that she got her g-j tube changed out.  This is something that has to be done every 10 weeks.  She was due to have it changed next week, but we were able to have this done before leaving the hospital.  It was just easier to do it while we were already there.  She was discharged from the unit and then we went to radiology to have her tube changed. From there, we went home.

She's home, armed with a new pain medication {Naproxen} in addition to an increase in her Neurontin doses and her usual Oxycodone dose.  I'm not sure why her pain is so much worse these past few days, but it is intense and she needs to get that under control.  I can't imagine the pain.

Peyton has done well at home so far.  I've managed to get her on bipap tonight.  She really needs to be using it.  It's sometimes difficult to get her to tolerate the mask, but it really is for the best that she wear it.  She's getting oxygen in addition to the bipap.  I think she has finally settled for the night, but it was a little bit of a rocky start.  Hopefully she will sleep through the night.

Her feeding schedule has changed a bit.  The nutritionist in the hospital recommended an increase in the volume of Pediasure she gets each day.  We were on a good 24 hour schedule, but since she came home, the time one feed ends and the next begins is a little later than I'd like.  You hang a bag and it runs for 24 hours.  We had been changing it around 8 or 9am but now it's late in the evening, so I'm debating staying up late versus setting an alarm to get myself up to change the feed.  

I am fairly exhausted right now.  I could barely move off the couch today.  Unfortunately, people needed clothes, so I eventually had to do some laundry.  I don't know that there is a way for you to fully appreciate the level of emotional and physical exhaustion I am feeling right now.  I've you are or have ever been a caregiver for a sick family member, you probably have an idea.  We have our home nursing, so that is good.

Hopefully Peyton's pain gets under control soon so that she can at least be comfortable again.  I don't anticipate her need for oxygen while she's awake to change at this point.  I think that this is a new "normal' for her.  I would like to see that change, but only time will tell.  Today was a decent day, though.  All things being what they are - it was a decent day.  

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