Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Appointment Update

Peyton had her first doctor appointment of the new year this morning.  She had a regular follow up appointment in the Pulmonary clinic.  She alternates between seeing the doctor one visit and the nurse practitioner the next.  Today Peyton saw the nurse practitioner.  She has had a lot going on with her oxygen levels dropping lately and requiring supplemental oxygen during the day {not typical for her}.  She just seems more sluggish than usual.

After visiting with the NP, she left the room to discuss everything with the doctor.  When she came back, she let me know that they had decided to do some bloodwork and also put her on an antibiotic.  The bloodwork wound up coming back ok, so that's a good thing.  Hopefully the antibiotic will help with whatever might be going on with her right now.

That's about all that's new right now.  Keep praying that our nursing situation is resolved soon.  We have most of our hours being filled, but one of the nurses is very short term temporary and it doesn't seem to me that anything is in place for when that ends.  I could be wrong.  I would just like to have reassurance that it is.


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