Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Better Day

Peyton had a better day yesterday than she had on Monday.  We did not wind up having to take her to the ER as I had feared we would.  She spent much of yesterday on room air.  She even tolerated her school therapists working with her yesterday {they come to see her at home, so that helps}.

Today is another day.  She had some issues overnight with not keeping her oxygen levels up where they should be.  She didn't tolerate BiPap last night, so she was on oxygen.  Even still, she dropped to 61% at one point.  There was a period of about 10 minutes where she kept dropping into the 70s  and then would come back up to low 90s.  It's the drops that are concerning.  I had to suction her at one point.  She had so much stuff in her throat that the suction unit wasn't even able to keep up with it.  It was so think and so much!

So far today, she is back on oxygen while awake.  Her oxygen saturation is low and her heart rate is elevated a little.  So much for the good day she had.

Keep the prayers coming!  They are very much appreciated!

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