Saturday, October 13, 2012


Just a quick update.

Neurology wanted Peyton to have another head CT done.  She just had one Wednesday but since there's the possibility that her episode this afternoon was seizure related, they wanted to get another.  They did not want to sedate her.  When she had the one earlier in the week, she was so lethargic from being so sick that they didn't have to worry about sedation.  Not the case today.  She is allergic to Versed, which is often used as a light sedation.  That really stinks in cases like this.  So they decided to go with another dose of Benadryl.  She's getting it anyway because she gets Red Man's Syndrome with one of her antibiotics - Vancomycin.  They gave it to her through her IV and that seemed to help.  She was a bit fidgety when they were getting her situated on the table, but they basically put he in a cocoon thing, strapped her in and then used tape across her forehead and chin so that her head would be stable.  They also put cloths around her head to keep it in position.  We all stepped out of the room and the CT was a success.  As for results, I have not heard.

The GI doctor was by a little later on.  I don't know that I mentioned this, but when we got to the room in the PICU stepdown unit, we noticed her j-tube was leaking out bright red blood.  To back up she has a g-j tube.  The g- portion is the gastric tube - all meds go into that which goes into her stomach.  The j- portion bypasses the stomach and goes into the jejunum.  The nurse was told by the resident to let it drain by gravity, so they wrapped it in a preemie diaper and let it drain.  There was a pretty decent amount that drained out.  Obviously this is not normal, so it has to be investigated.  Feeds were stopped as soon as this was noticed.  Anyway, the GI doctor said that in order to determine what is going on, they will need to do a scope.  That is going to be done around 10am tomorrow (Sunday).  There are a number of possibilities, so I'll try not to worry about it until we know for sure.  She will have to be given a light sedation for this procedure.  The doctor from the PICU who saw her came by tonight and spoke briefly about it.

Peyton's pulmonary doctor was by just before we came over to this new room.  He wanted Peyton to be on continuous bi-pap, regardless of whether she was asleep or not.  This is to help keep her airway open in the event she stops breathing again.  It can be torture to get her mask on her when she's awake so she has it on when she's asleep, so the concept of keeping it on her while she is awake seemed a bit daunting.  She's been a bit fussy with it - moving her head around a lot - but she's doing far better than I imagined she would.

Will update more tomorrow.

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