Saturday, October 13, 2012

Remember Last Month?

Today was going along just fine, although Peyton was pretty irritable and her heart rate was a bit higher.  The doctors made their rounds and we were sharing all our concerns about her.  They left the room.  The nurse came along.  He was in the doorway at the cart {they have carts in the hall with their computers and some meds/supplies are also locked in there}.  I lifted Peyton up into a sitting position so I could make adjustments so she'd be more comfortable.  Almost immediately she kind of threw her head back and was staring off into nowhere.  Then things seemed all to familiar.  Remember when she stopped breathing last month for about a minute??  It was happening AGAIN.  I called to the nurse who called down to the doctor who was still in the hall but up a bit.  Everyone came in.  They didn't call a MET but someone asked if they should.  The episode lasted about 30 seconds this time.  I was able to grab for the suction while the nurse got her oxygen going.  The doctor was just seconds behind coming into the room, but she was pretty well through it when she came in.  Her heart rate was elevated, although it has been all day.

More discussions ensued about what's going on with Peyton.  They still don't know.  More discussions ensued about what to do with Peyton.  She had been taken off one of four antibiotics that she's on, but they began discussing putting her back on that.  They were going to stop a second one, and the orders to discontinue had actually been put in.  They cancelled those orders and have continued.  She's on 3 antibiotics that I know of for sure.  Not sure about the one that was d/c'd if that will come back or not.

I described what happened to the doctor and stated it was exactly like the episode last month, only not as long.  It is possible, as I thought last month, that it could be seizure-related.  They are going to talk to neurology and get their take on it.  She may need an EEG.

The pulmonary doctor was consulted after this and this was him finding out that she was even in the hospital.  He was not impressed.  I don't blame him.  Actually, as far as I was concerned, he had been contacted because I heard someone say that they were going to - either in the ER on Tuesday or in her room Tuesday night or Wednesday morning before she had the episode that sent her to the PICU.  Anyway, he's on the case now and his suggestion was for her to wear her bipap 24 hours a day to help keep her airway open in the event this happens again.

Because of what happened, it was decided that Peyton would be moved to the PICU stepdown unit.  So we are not where she was on Wednesday {thank God}, but she is being more closely observed here.  Not that she wasn't before...but there's more constant monitoring in the stepdown unit.  She's on the full monitor rather than just the pulse ox monitor which only measures oxygen and heart rate.

Nothing had been mentioned yet about going home, but now that we're over here, it's definitely going to mean a longer stay.  I don't know what is going on with Peyton, but I believe there are multiple issues.  If anyone from the show "Mystery Diagnosis" wants to weigh in, I'd be more than happy for them to!!

As always, prayers are appreciated!  Please keep Moira in your prayers too.  This stay is really weighing on her.  She was unable to go somewhere today because of Peyton being in the hospital so she was upset about that.  She's worried about Peyton.  Seeing Peyton in the PICU, even if only briefly, was scary for her.  It was scary for us!!  

I'll keep you posted!

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