Sunday, October 14, 2012


This morning started out with Peyton preparing to go up to the PICU to have her endoscopy that the GI doctor wanted done.  {They sometimes do procedures up there.}  We went up a bit after 10am or so.  The doctor was ready, as was everyone else, but there were technical difficulties with the endoscopy equipment.  Technology is great, but sometimes....

The procedure finally got underway around 11:30 or so.  I waited in the family lounge waiting area just outside the PICU.  When it was over, the doctor came out to get me and we went back to Peyton's bed, which was diagonally across from where she'd been on Wednesday/Thursday last week.  She was also directly across from the non-stop lullaby.  {If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you may have seen me post on Thursday that I'd been listening to Brahms Lullaby for about 15 hours straight at one point.}  Wouldn't you know it, the lullaby was on a continuous loop again.  Joking aside, it sounds like that child {not sure how old - closer to baby age than Peyton's age I think is having a pretty major surgery in the morning, so if you could say a prayer for her, I'm sure the family would appreciate it.

The scope went well and there was nothing major discovered, which is good.  It does seem that perhaps the "j" tube may be a little large and she will need to have the whole g-j tube changed out for something a little smaller and less likely to cause this irritation.

While she was recovering from the sedation up in the PICU, one of the residents came by and he said the radiologist had read the xrays from yesterday and she noticed that one of her shoulders was "strikingly" dislocated and she wondered if we were aware.  I explained to him that yes, Peyton's shoulders dislocate ALL the time.  I explained how we rotate her arm and get it back in or she manages on her own somehow.  She's just that loose.  After we were back up in Peyton's room, ortho came down to take a look.  Sure enough, at that moment, both shoulders were dislocated.  The doctor manipulated her shoulder back into place using the usual method of traction/pulling/rotating.  By the time he left the room, I think he re-set her shoulders 4 times.  They popped out that quickly.  He wanted xray to come and get images to be sure they were still in place.  Xray came...but I told them I'm pretty sure I can tell you right now without xray that both shoulders were right then dislocated.  They just dislocate THAT easily.

Peyton has been wearing her bipap day and night since Saturday's apneic event (that's what they're calling her "stopped breathing" event).  There's a possibility that they'll try to wean her off of it a bit starting Monday.  Normally she only wears it at night when she's asleep.  Right now it's day/night regardless of whether she's asleep or awake.  I can't imagine wearing it while awake!  Since it gives a breath if she does not breathe, that's why she's having to wear it.

I honestly can't think of what else is going on right now.  We're still in the PICU.  Moira's been home for the past few days.  I haven't seen her since Friday.  It's been a bit difficult for her this time around.  We still don't have any answers for anything.

Will keep you posted.

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