Friday, October 12, 2012

Back In A Room

I apologize for not updating yesterday.  Wednesday was pretty scary to say the least.  It was also extremely exhausting.  Peyton was in the PICU for under 24 hours, but it was highly stressful, exhausting, etc.  While I could use my laptop at her bedside, I was honestly too wiped out to do much of anything.

Peyton was released from the PICU early afternoon yesterday, at which point she was put into a regular room, just down from the one she started out in on Tuesday night.  She had no major crises while in the PICU (Thank God!).  While in the PICU she had to have her shunt tapped (think spinal tap but on her shunt in her head).  You can click through this article to read up on what that's all about and you can see pictures as well:

The doctors were just by a few moments ago.  So many tests have been run on Peyton and, believe it or not, we still have no answers.  They have NO idea what is going on.  The odd bruising that happened right before going to the PICU may be a reaction to one of the four antibiotics she has been on (it's a new one to her).  We're not 100% sure about that, but it's a possibility.  There are several things going on and there's no answer for anything.

Would I like an answer? YES - but so would the doctors.  They're just as anxious to know as I am.  They are sorry we're here and that we've gone through so much.  I am very appreciative of all they are doing and I get that they don't have any real answers but I also get that they're doing all they can to figure it out.

Peyton is doing SO much better than Wednesday.  SO much better.  The difference is immediately obvious to anyone who saw her then and sees her now.  We're not back at 100% yet, but we're getting there.  She's off 1 of the 4 antibiotics and may come of another since it appears it may be the source of the latest weird bruising that's happening.

No indication has been given as to when we'll get home, but it won't be in the next couple days.

We appreciate and thank you for your prayers!

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