Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Little Better?

I *think* that there is a possibility that today is a better day!  I think.

Peyton did well overnight.  She woke up a little earlier than she has been the past several days and she started fussing with her bipap mask on.  I realized that if she's fussing now with the mask, she must be starting to feel better.  She's been having to wear it pretty much 24 hours a day for the past several days and hasn't fussed one bit.  You can bet that means that she doesn't feel well.  She fussed a little more while she was being cleaned up and having her bedding changed.  Again, I take all that as a good sign.

We are hoping that today they will take her off another antibiotic, which will, at this point, leave her on only one of the original four antibiotics.  It's been 7 days or so of antibiotics, and since they haven't found anything, they've been peeling them away a little at a time to see how she does.

She had an EEG the other day and an MRI yesterday.  As expected, all of that was normal.

The one thing that's come up that is a little concerning is that she is getting more anemic.  She is usually a little anemic and she takes iron supplements twice a day.  However, her numbers here lately have been dropping a bit.  They are going to give her til the morning when they check her blood again.  If she drops to a certain number, then she will wind up having to have a blood transfusion.  She's never had one before, so that's a little concerning.  And, no, I cannot donate for her.  There's a whole process that would take days to get through.  But I will say that this is a great opportunity to learn the importance of donating blood.  It would be a great thing to consider!  Next time you hear about a blood drive, would you consider taking the opportunity to give blood?   I know I will!

That's about all there is for now.  I will keep you updated.

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