Monday, July 25, 2011

Update From 7A

Peyton had an "ok" night.  Her oxygen was low this morning and it took a bit to get it back to where it should be.  She's really junky sounding.  More so than last night.  The doctor last night thought she seemed to be improving from how she was down in the ER.  This morning, I'd say she sounds worse than in the ER, but without the fever.  They're running all kinds of cultures, as usual and she's back on precautions because of the respiratory infection part of things.  Doctors/nurses have to gown up before coming in.

I'm just hanging out here, spending time with Peyton, catching up on my blog and bloggy friends, reading some scripture, etc.

There IS news to report...over here:

It has to do with Peyton and it's some news you'll want to hear!!!  :)

Will update later on.  As always, we appreciate the prayers for Peyton!

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