Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still at MUSC

The fun continues at the hospital.  Peyton's doing alright.  No fevers, which is good.  However, she continues to sound really junky.  This morning she had tons of really thick dark yellow secretions that she was coughing up.  Coughing up is a good thing though.  The respiratory therapist was in shortly after that and she sounded much better after all her treatments.

The doctor was in this morning and it seems like they are talking about this being pulmonary edema.  They are going to cut back on her IV fluids and free water.  Hopefully they won't have to give her any special meds for the edema.  She is still on a couple different IV antibiotics as they are treating as if there is a pneumonia.

So far we are doing ok in our tiny little space here.  Keep up the prayers that Peyton improves soon!  Thanks.

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