Thursday, July 28, 2011

Greetings From MUSC!

Peyton's still here in the hospital.  She is improving though.  The doctors rounded already this morning and they think she is sounding a bit better, but needs some more time on the IV antibiotics that she is getting (there are 2 different ones).  She is having an awful lot of really thick secretions, so they are going to talk to the pulmonary doctor about decreasing one of her meds for now.  It helps manage the secretions, but it also thickens them.  If they can decrease temporarily, then maybe what she's coughing up will be easier for her to manage.  They are also going to talk to the doctor in infectious diseases about switching over to an "oral" antibiotic (to be given through her g-tube of course).  If all goes ok today, they would probably switch her over tonight.  She is a bit anemic, so they are increasing her normal daily dose of iron.

Please keep praying for Peyton.  If all goes well there is a possibility they could start talking about her going home tomorrow.  


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