Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ophthalmology & A Crazy Schedule

We are between Peyton's doctor appointments at the moment. We saw her Ophthalmologist this morning. Peyton's eye problems - the redness and irritation - appear to be something more along the lines of her developing an allergy to the natural secretions of the eyes. She wears a special type of contact lenses 24/7. In general, contacts will develop protein deposits on the lenses and need to be cleaned. I don't know if it's the material hers are made of or if all contacts eventually do this, but in hers, the protein and other secretions will embed themselves in the contact lens itself, making it impossible to clean. Apparently over time, it is possible to develop an allergy. So, she needs to be fitted for the hard version of the special contact lenses she wears. Her left lens was just replaced (soft, not hard) because she lost it. I guess she rubbed her eye so much it popped out (the lens, not her eye!), so that one is fine for now but will over time get in a bad state again. The right one has been rendered useless as it has so much build up that you literally can't even see through it. They showed me, did whatever special cleaning they do there in the office, and showed me again. No change.
In other eye-related news, Peyton's routine eye exam under general anesthetic (EUA) has been post-poned a few times and is on the schedule for this coming Monday. However, her MRI has also been post-poned for the same reasons (her general health was not good enough for a couple months because of the respiratory issues to allow her to go under general anesthetic). That is on the schedule for this coming Wednesday.
Not wanting to overload our schedules, or have so many procedures of that type so close together, we wanted to move the EUA. Her other ophthalmologist (glaucoma specialist) who is doing it said not to move it yet - to check with the regular one. He was ok with post-poning it a month but wanted to be sure she was too. Well, she's not. Her hard lenses require a very accurate measurement of the eye and is best done during an EUA because it can be done so quickly while she's out. Because Peyton's one lens needs to be tossed since it's in such bad shape, she's down to one contact which, until her new hard lenses come in, need to be switched back and forth from eye to eye every day. The doctor today said that we've worked so hard to get where we are, the last thing we want is for her to develop a lazy eye if she only has one lens in. So, long story short, she needs to show up for the EUA to take the measurement for the lenses and it needs to be done ASAP. i.e. the EUA must be done on Monday. And since the MRI is extremely important, we can't move it either. What a schedule next week.
It's always so much fun with two working parents trying to rearrange everything so we can handle all of these last minute crises!!
Off to the pediatrician shortly. We need to have Peyton checked out to make sure that at this moment she is in good physical shape to have the general anesthetic next week. I wonder what she will think of our schedule next week!

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