Thursday, May 10, 2007


Peyton is continuing to improve. I took her to the pediatrician yesterday morning for a check up. The doctor said that she looked and sounded much better. We were able to stop the breathing treatments, which is good. Peyton can come off the antibiotics for the pneumonia tomorrow. We still have to give her the antibiotics for the thrush. She still has the feeding tube in, as she still is not taking her bottle too well. We are trying, and she is as well. She'll get it eventually. It's just very difficult because she makes great strides to achieve certain things and then when she has a set-back, she has to re-learn everything all over again. Hopefully the tube will come out in the next couple of weeks. The good news is that her weight is the same as it was the day she was hospitalized, so we don't have to worry about her having lost a great deal while she was ill. Hopefully Peyton will be fully recovered soon. She needs to get well for her big first birthday party!!

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