Tuesday, May 29, 2007

MRI: A No Go

Well, I took Peyton to Texas Children's Hospital this afternoon for her MRI. Since it's sedated, they had to thoroughly evaluate her to make sure she was in good enough shape to be sedated. Added to my growing list of frustrations is the fact that she could not have the MRI done today. They felt that she was still too congested and sick from her virus/pneumonia almost a month ago. True, she is still a bit congested, but much improved. She has actually had surgery under similar health conditions. Different doctor, different result I guess. There was also a scheduling mix up. We were told it would be done at the hospital, but when I got the reminder call on Friday, it was to be done at their clinical care center which is like their big doctor's office building across the street from the hospital. That's where almost all of her doctors are. I thought it was odd, but went with it. Turns out it should have been at the hospital a) because of her age, and b) because of her newly diagnosed apnea. Also, unbeknownst to us, we should have brought her oxygen with us because they'd want her hooked up to it on the ride home and for the remainder of the day after being sedated. So it was a big mess all the way around. They rescheduled it to be at the hospital itself on June 22. I tell you, nothing is ever simple in our family!!
We had a nice Memorial Day weekend. We went to Ron's mom's near Beaumont on Sunday for our nephew's big 5th birthday party. It was a "Cars" theme. Very cute. Braeden got a pretty good sized inflatable pool, so that was set up and the kids (not Peyton!) went swimming (or splashing as the case may be). Then on Monday we decided to take a drive in the other direction to go for a picnic at a park in Austin. Well, the picnic was rained out, so we drove to Ron's Aunt Jaynie's house. She lives in Kyle, just south of Austin. His cousin Jill came over. Ron and I (mostly Ron) got a power nap before hitting the road to come back. The kids are good travelers, but Peyton had it by the time we were 30 minutes from home. Poor baby. She just cried and cried the whole rest of the trip. Moira tried to "comfort" her by singing. Of course, I think only dogs could hear her. Perhaps that was the cause of Peyton's screaming! I swear, I heard Moira say, "Oh, Peyton. Don't be discouraged!" Well, it was something pretty close to that, although who'd have thought she'd know the word "discouraged" at the age of 3. Perhaps she's heard it around our house a few times?? Poor kid!!
Peyton will see her Ear, Nose & Throat doctor on Thursday afternoon. The doctors are wondering if there is possibly a structural abnormality of her airway, or enlarged tonsils or adenoids which are contributing to some of her sleep apnea. You know, if they could just fix it all surgically, I'd say let's get it done! Waving a wand to fix it would be better, but that's not likely. Will keep everyone posted on how that appointment goes.
Hope everyone had nice long weekends either last weekend or the prior weekend, whether in the U.S. or Canada!
3 more days til hurricane season!! Yikes!

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