Friday, May 25, 2007

Hope for Child Care!

All is not hopeless this morning.....we have a lead on a placement for Peyton!!! Of course, the necessary phone calls and visit haven't been made yet, but it's for a woman who watches kids (including kids with a variety of special needs) in her home about a mile or two from us. I already have confirmed with a daycare near the special school we are trying to get Peyton in that they could take Moira now. I need to see that place but have heard it is very good. Peyton's placement right now is an interim thing until we either get her into the special school in August or whenever they might have an opening if she gets wait-listed. Keep the prayers coming....we need for this to work out!! Thanks for your support and for allowing me to vent. I've been in stressful situations before, but I think this takes the cake!

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