Monday, February 12, 2007


This morning, I took Peyton to the hospital for her eye exam done under general anesthetic, with possible surgery. They had a cancellation while I was en route, so we were taken back to pre-op as soon as we arrived. Minutes later she was being taken back. When the doctor came out, he said that her pressures in her eyes looked good. In fact, the left eye (which was the reason we were there in the first place) was actually on the low side. Since she was doing well, there was no need to do any type of surgery. The only thing he did was to prescribe an antibiotic. Last Thursday, Peyton had a little mucus in her left eye. Friday night I was calling the doctor on call to see what was going on because it was much, much worse. We left it over night but went to the hospital to the doctor's office to have it checked out. The doctor there didn't think it was an infection, but rather a blocked tear duct causing all of the mucus to back up. He called Peyton's opthalmologist to confer with him and we were sent on our way thinking it would clear up shortly. This morning, it took a lot of work to "unglue" Peyton's eye lids as they were stuck together from all the mucus oozing from her eye. The doctor got a really good look since she was out, and he said that it was some sort of bacterial infection. Hopefully it will clear up soon now that we have the antibiotics.
Peyton is home from the hospital resting now. She's still a little groggy from the anesthetic, but she seems to be doing ok. I'll try to feed her in a little bit. She's been extremely fussy about taking her bottles ever since she was sick a few weeks ago. She is taking most of her feedings through her feeding tube. We're really hoping and praying that that turns itself around very soon. We see the gastroenterologist this coming Thursday and we are hoping to say good-bye to that feeding tube!! If she's not feeding well, though, we may not be able to. That's the bad thing about that tube - we used it reluctantly because we felt we had to but by using it it can cause more feeding problems than what you started with. We just have to keep on working with her. Before she was sick, she was doing quite well with her feedings on her own, so hopefully once this infection clears up and she's feeling more "normal" maybe it will improve.
We'll keep you posted on how the rest of her appointments go later in the week.

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