Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chunky Monkey

I added a new picture of Peyton today. I thought everyone should see just how big she's gotten since she had the NG tube put in (and taken out!!). She is a chunky monkey!! She is doing much better with her bottles than we thought she would do, but she's still only taking in about 16 oz a day as opposed to 28-30 with the feeding tube. Each day is a little better.
Peyton is looking forward to meeting a new little playmate today. Moira's godmother, Debbi, from Tucson, AZ is flying in with her 1 year old, Emma, this afternoon. We haven't seen Debbi in about 2 years and, therefore, have never met little Emma. We're excited to see them.
Counting the days til Moira's 3rd birthday. I still can't believe it. She is doing really well with her potty training. We're almost there!! She's also been such a good big sister to Peyton. She now enjoys 'helping' out when she can (or is that when she feels like it??). She loves her little sister!
Apparently there is news on the genetics testing front. We called the neurologist about that yesterday since it was 6 weeks ago that they did the skin biopsy. He had said it would be anywhere from 2-6 weeks for results. The doctor was out, but his secretary was curious that he hadn't spoken to us because she knew he spoke to someone about the results. I am not sure what that means - is it good or bad?! We kind of feel like it must be something if he was talking to someone about it. He'll be back on Thursday, so we just have to wait. We'll keep you posted.

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