Monday, April 1, 2013

Hospital Life...Days 6 & 7

It took almost 7 years, but Peyton spent her first holiday in the hospital yesterday - Easter.  Obviously we truly rejoice at the significance of this day.  That said, it really stinks to spend a holiday in the hospital.  I couldn't be at church so I tried to join in our church service online.  There were multiple times, but people kept coming in and out, or she was in the middle of respiratory treatments, or I just couldn't get on the site at all.  I didn't get to church in any way yesterday, so that brought me down.  Then there was the missing of a nice Easter lunch with friends who had invited us.  Then there was the missing of people in general.  Ron's dad and his wife were arriving in town yesterday and they did come up for a short time later.  Moira didn't seem overly thrilled to be here.  It wasn't a long visit.  Then there was the fact that Peyton just had a really rough day yesterday - very irritable, cranky, in a lot of pain.  I kept thinking of how much pain one can possibly bear watching their child go through and relating that to the Easter weekend - God allowing His son to suffer.  Anyway, I won't go down that road.  I think I have cried enough for one 24 hour period.

Peyton seems to be improving from a respiratory standpoint, which is great.  Also neurologically - she's not "out of it" like she was the other day.  But there are still issues going on that need to be figured out.  One such issue is some swelling and redness that started a couple days ago.  It's in the area above where the splint on her leg stops.

You can see how it's red and puffy.  Overnight last night, the swelling began migrating into the groin area.  The redness extends there as well as towards the back side of her leg going in the other direction.  The edema isn't pitting and there aren't any hard areas.  Her circulation to her foot is good.  The splint isn't too tight.

One thing we've discovered is her albumin is very low.  This might have something to do with why she is pooling fluids.  They are having to be extremely careful because her fluids are higher than they should be, but they can't just give her a diuretic to make it go away.  They have to be very cautious about fluid intake and output.  She does require an albumin infusion.  That will happen today.  They will also do an ultrasound on her leg.

In terms of seeing if there is another fracture, they are very hesitant about doing any additional x-rays...anywhere.  Peyton has had so much radiation between x-rays, CT's, etc. in the past month or two.  They don't want to expose her to any more than absolutely necessary.

Right now, the plan is to do a lot of watching of this swelling, all her labs, etc.  I think they wanted to try to get her home the early part of this week, but I'm doubtful about that happening.  The nurse today thought it might be a good idea to get Peyton into a regular bed rather than a crib, so they are actually working on that right now.  She's got her bed, she's in it, and the nurse and tech are working on getting pads set up on the side rails.  She looked so huge in the crib.  Now she looks so tiny in this huge bed!  I'll post a picture of that next time.

We truly appreciate all the prayers.  As I overheard one of the residents or students saying on rounds out in the hall the other day, Peyton is a "challenging" case.  As you know, when we do go home, it doesn't get less challenging.  It gets more challenging.  They Peyton we knew last week is gone.  This is another decline in her overall condition.

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