Monday, April 8, 2013

Hospital Life...Day 14

Today is Day 14.

I wrote about the start of Day 14 here but wanted to share how the rest of the day went.  Ortho came by to remove the full splint that was on Peyton's leg.  The swelling in her thigh was getting worse.  It was more red and "tight" feeling.  While the splint itself was apparently not too tight, it was felt like it would be more comfortable for Peyton so long as she had something to stabilize her knee.  We had previously ordered a knee immobilizer to use after her first leg fracture.  That was delivered to the hospital, but the Ortho docs didn't think it was long enough to give her the support she requires.  They left and one went in search of something else.  He returned and set about fitting it for her.  It's a little on the long side, but it does provide the support she needs.  The advantage to this rather cumbersome knee immobilizer is that it can be opened so the doctors can check on the status of the swelling and it can be loosened if need be.

Since this was put on, it has been opened a few times so various people could see.  When the other splint first came off, I immediately noticed that Peyton's knee was enormous.  The has tiny little legs and so that just made it seem all the more huge.  I asked if that was just swelling from the fracture.  The Ortho doc said he thought so but to certainly keep an eye on it.  Later in the day, it was opened a few more times for examination by various people.  Each time, the knee looked less swollen, but only because her lower leg was swelling up larger and larger.  The thigh is not quite as swollen, although it's still swollen and still pretty red.  All of that swelling is moving down her leg into her foot.  I do not know if the volume of fluid in her leg is necessarily greater.  It could just be migrating towards her foot now that it has room to move without the other splint in the way.

I am always very grateful for visitors.  Today a friend came by with coffee.  Always appreciated!!  Another friend came with her two children.  They brought food, snacks, a picture the kids had drawn, and a couple little toys for Peyton.  So sweet!

Throughout the day, today, Peyton's skin has had a flushed appearance.  It's varied a little, but it's mainly part of her face, under her chin, her upper chest, and arms.  We aren't exactly sure what that is all about.  She also continues to be puffy looking all over.  After the good couple of hours she had after the blood transfusion yesterday, she wound up coming back down to a not so happy version of herself.  It's hard to say if she's just irritated or experiencing more pain.  I would expect she'd have some pain with having that splint removed.  

Peyton is quite the mystery.  Whatever is going on with her is truly baffling {in my completely non-medical opinion}.  It seems like everything happened all at once, but when you go after one thing, another thing pops up that poses another problem.  It's definitely difficult to watch your child go through so much and to see her so ill.  But I have no doubt that everyone is doing their best to figure this thing out.  I have no doubt that they are going above and beyond to try to help her.  I am grateful.

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