Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just a Quick Update

It's been a week since I updated.  I have to say, really, that there is no real news to report.  I am sure that there are people who are wondering what the latest is, especially when there hasn't been any news in a week, so this is really just to ease your minds that there really isn't anything new going on.

We have concerns over Peyton's foot since coming out of the splint.  I mentioned that last post, I believe.  We are still waiting to get the splint for her foot and the knee immobilizer.  Those should be coming to us at some point this week.

We are again about to be in a state of transition with our nursing.  Peyton's main nurse is a travel nurse and, sadly, she will be leaving us at the end of next week.  In my opinion, she needs to just stay here, but I don't suppose I can make her do that!!  Failing that, she needs to clone herself.  She truly is one of the best home nurses Peyton has had and we'll really miss her greatly!

I am over a week into doing the night shift with Peyton.  There are times, I must admit, where it is very difficult for me to stay awake - at the beginning of the shift.  This has mostly to do with how much sleep I was able to get the day before.  I'm sleeping between about 9 / 9:30am and 1:30 / 2:00pm.  For some reason my body clock doesn't seem to want to allow me to sleep past 2:00 or so, although I did sleep til about 2:30 yesterday!  I require a couple hours {at least} of sleep in the evening.  Combined, the number of hours of sleep isn't great.  However, the quality of the daytime sleep is far better than the evening sleep I was getting prior to making this transition.

As for what I do during the night, it varies.  Peyton is quite often awake most of the night.  She sometimes needs suctioned.  Her pulse ox monitor sometimes alarms and I need to check on that.  Sometimes I need to increase her oxygen.  There are often diaper changes during the night.  Sometimes 1.  Sometimes 3 or 4!  She needs pain meds during the night.  The past couple days, a quick breathing treatment because she's been fairly junky in the morning.  12 hours is a long time to go without a treatment when something is brewing.

Aside from Peyton, this is my time to do what I'd normally have done during the day.  The laundry gets done.  Clothes for the morning are ironed.  The dishwasher gets loaded and run.  I have been knitting a lot for my shop.  My goal is to create a stockpile so, come next fall, I have a good supply of ready-to-ship items.  I blog.  I stalk my Scentsy workstation {shameless plug at 2am...if anyone's interested in hosting an online party, let me know - I can get you started!}.  I catch up on Netflix.  If anyone has any suggestions on things I need to add to my queue, let me know!!

Peyton's next appointment is with the Endocrinologist.  I'm anxious for that.  She needs to have bone density testing done and she'll need to start on some kind of treatment for her brittle bones.  I'm anxious to hear when that will all take place.

I'll keep you posted on how all that goes!

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