Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sick Again

Peyton was put on antibiotics yesterday when she went to the Pulmonary clinic.  She just hasn't been herself. Today was no different.  Until this afternoon.  She is now running a fever.  It took a while to start coming down after the nurse gave her some Motrin.  It kept going up actually.  It's finally down a little, but still a little fever.

I'd appreciate prayers for her that this doesn't turn into something worse.  She doesn't need to get sick!  Even a common cold could put her in the hospital.  She's also starting to get a pretty upset tummy with the antibiotics, so that's no fun either.  This just means that a really nasty diaper rash can't be far behind.  Poor Peyton!

As always, we appreciate the prayers.

Enjoy this scripture print which I created {Psalm 139:14}.  I just added that to my shop today.  {Did you know I had one??  Just a little something I do in my spare time.}

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