Wednesday, August 8, 2012


We had a bit of a set back in our plans yesterday.  Peyton had been going so much better - not 100% but better - Sunday and Monday.  She woke up Tuesday, however, and it was the exact opposite.  She had a fever, was really junky, and just not feeling well at all.  Fortunately she had a pulmonary doctor appointment.  This is the appointment that everything for our trip to Boston was hinging on.

The doctor checked her out.  There were enough concerns to warrant putting her back on the two IV antibiotics - for two weeks.  Great for Peyton.  For me....well, it's been exhausting for the past several weeks...what is another 2 weeks gonna hurt, right??  Oh Lord.

We talked about this trip to Boston.  His feeling was that if she seems to be doing "ok" in the next day or two then we should be alright to go especially since she's going to be on these antibiotics still.  He was actually very encouraging and supportive of our plans to go up there.  I felt like he was saying that we have this narrowing window of opportunity to get up there to hopefully get some answers, so we need to try to do whatever we can to get up there.  

This morning, Peyton seems to be starting out the day a little better, so that is very encouraging.  I guess I will start pulling things together for a trip north!!

Thank you SO much for all your prayers and support.  I really mean that.  It makes such a difference.

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