Friday, August 10, 2012

Have Minivan Will Travel

Our trip to Boston is a definite "go"!!  

It's a little nervewracking thinking of how Peyton might handle the trip, but it's on and we're just so anxious to get there.  We would appreciate prayers, particularly for Peyton's ability to handle the very long drive well.

Despite Peyton's continuing illness, we are able to see so much goodness in our lives this week.  God has certainly been showering blessing upon blessing on us.  It's stuff that can't be overlooked.  

A fellow Seacoaster has swapped vehicles with us for the week, allowing us to have a minivan to travel in.  Honestly, I have NO idea how we'd have gotten all our gear into our vehicle now that I'm in the midst of packing up!  I'm sure we'd have done it somehow, but it would certainly look a lot different and would not wind up being nearly as comfortable!

A fellow blogger took it upon herself to organize a fundraiser for our trip through a post on her blog:

I share that not as a way of seeking donations {I am not!}, but as a way to show you the hearts of some of the people in the blogging community.  This was not something that I sought out but it has turned into a real blessing for us as we head into this trip.  The generosity of people amazes me.  People's comments below that blog post moved me to tears, as did the donations received.

A couple ladies from church organized meals for our family for the past few weeks.  I was seriously amazed, overwhelmed and in awe of how a church community pulled together to help us out.  I knew a few of the people who brought meals, but many people were not people I'd previously met.  After the 10 days of meals (per the schedule they created) was up, these ladies still had people emailing or calling them asking if they could help, so we had meals this past week as well.  This seriously blessed us because I have been so exhausted with Peyton's IV med schedule that the last thing on my mind was meal planning and preparation.

We also have another group who has been providing meals for us on Sundays, which has been a real blessing for us.  Again, it's not something we sought out, but people felt a desire to help and it is so appreciated by us.

So, I sit here in my apartment which looks like a tornado hit it.  Between Peyton being sick, life happening (or not happening), laundry, planning for this trip, and school about to start, it's a disaster.  I'm always a tad embarrassed to let people in because I keep thinking about what my mother would have thought of the state of my place!!  It's not passing any inspections right now! :)  Hopefully the people passing through have managed to silently extend me a little grace on this matter!  My apologies if you have witnessed this mess - I'm normally not like this!!

We've packed all we can pack for now.  There's so much stuff Peyton needs for her morning routine that it can't be packed.  I've done as much as I can in terms of prep for what the morning will bring, but I think I'm about done for now.  We hope to get on the road fairly early.

I'm really excited about seeing a friend tomorrow as we stop in Virginia for the night.  Then Sunday it's on to Boston.  Somewhere on this trip - either Sunday or next weekend - I hope to see one of life-long friends, Heidi, who lives in the Baltimore area.  As we will be passing right through there, it would be a shame if we didn't get a chance to stop.

Please pray for safe travels for us and for Peyton's health.  I'm really excited at the opportunity to have these appointments next week.  Hopefully we receive some good news.  I realize, though, that it is possible we don't get answers we were hoping for, but I'm praying that that is not the case!

Thanks again for all your love and support!

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