Monday, July 2, 2012

Update From Trip to the ER

Peytons gj tube problems continued after leaving the ER.  Really, there was no doubt in my mind that this would be the case.  It was leaking and there was something wrong.  So, first thing this morning, I called peds radiology.  I got voice mail.  I called back a few minutes later.  I talked to the tech and explained what was going on.  He asked me to hold {and, fyi, he knows who Peyton is...we're pretty familiar with the folks up there}.  A minute later the doctor herself came on the line.  In the time it took to get her on the line, she'd actually already pulled up the films from Saturday and knew the story!  I told her exactly what was happening.  Unlike the unknown radiologist who read the films on Saturday, this one said yes, this was a problem and basically asked how soon we could get there.  I hung up the phone and told Peyton's nurse to get her ready to go.  It was a good thing we were going as the tube actually became clogged while doing the meds, so the "g" portion wasn't working at all anymore.

We got to the hospital and went up to radiology.  We didn't have to wait too long before being called back.  Peyton has a brand new tube and no problems in that area now!

In other news, the oxycodone seems to be helping a bit.  She's still not feeling well as far as the respiratory stuff goes.

Our trip to Boston cannot come soon enough.

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