Monday, July 23, 2012

Still Sick

Peyton's been home from the hospital since the 16th!  She continued on the IV antibiotics at home once her port was deemed to be usable!  That was a week ago today.  Her needle needed changed today (they have to be changed weekly if the port is continuously accessed).  I did that myself!  All is going well with the port.

Peyton, however, started to get sicker the other day.  She started running a low temperature and her heart rate was starting to climb again.  I contacted the pulmonary clinic and they've decided to have her continue on these antibiotics (which would have ended Wednesday) and also add a second IV antibiotic for another 7-10 days.  So my crazy med / sleep schedule doesn't show many signs of improving anytime soon.

Please pray that she improves SOON.  We are supposed to be leaving to head to Children's Hospital in Boston on 8/11 (by car) and she needs to be well and not on IV antibiotics for the trip!  I wouldn't want to risk anything happening with the port while we are away!

Thank you so much.

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