Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Back At the ER...Again

Peyton had a rough night last night.  She was restless and I noticed that her heart rate was higher than normal as she was sleeping. I checked her temperature and it seemed ok but she felt warm.  First thing this morning I noticed her heart rate was quite high.  I checked her temperature and she did have a fever.  She sounded horrible.  Rather than wait any longer, we got ready and we had Peyton at the ER by about 8:00 this morning.

They did a chest xray, blood work and urine test.  Her white count was a little elevated and her xray showed a bit of aspiration.  All in all, she's not as sick as she was back in February when she was admitted; however, it made more sense to keep her overnight.  She could have gone home, but honestly, that didn't sound like a great idea.  If ever we're on the fence about whether or not she should be admitted, it's always safest to just admit her.  The pulmonary doctor wanted to see her in clinic first thing in the morning, which is just difficult getting her going that early with all her meds and breathing treatments.  It's just a lot easier all around if she remained here overnight.

So...we are back at the hospital.  Praying that she doesn't continue to get sicker and that they can get her on the right antibiotics to help her out!

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