Monday, September 5, 2011

A Week Or So of Updates

Fortunately, there's not tons to report but a few things have happened in the past week or so.

The week before last, Peyton saw the Pulmonary doctor.  We're still concerned about the junkiness she has.  The doctor has her back on an antibiotic which will last for another week.  Oh joy.  She still sounds just as junky.

Last week we met with the Geneticist to go over results from the test that had been done when Peyton was in the hospital back in July - the on that might indicate whether or not Peyton might have a specific form of Muscular Dystrophy.  No news.  The first part of the test showed nothing.  The second part will take another 6 weeks.  Great.

I had surgery on my elbow on the 26th, making me unable to lift Peyton.  Our nursing hours were set to decrease to 40 hours but we managed to hang on to the paltry 56 hours we were given through 9/10/11.  THEN they drop to 40.  I'm not happy.  She had 84 hours a week in June then was cut back to 70 in July and then a few weeks later down to 56s and now it's about to be 40!  It's HORRIBLE. Read up on that situation over on my blog here:

And, last but not least, Peyton is in the hospital.  Oh joy.  Her whole GJ tube came out early last night.  She was admitted because it was Sunday and no one from interventional radiology is in on the weekend and they weren't paging them to come in either.  I should say, they spoke with IR, but they weren't coming in!!  We were very concerned about her being able to have it done at all even today because it's Labor Day!  Good news - she's about to have it fixed.  

What a week.

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