Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Uneventful Week

Oh how I love when things are uneventful!!

This week, Peyton saw the ENT.  This was her only doctor appointment this week.  Within a space of 20 minutes, I had checked in, waited in the waiting room, saw the triage nurse, got put in a room, saw the ENT's nurse, waited for the doctor, saw the doctor, and was walking out with a paper with our 6-month follow up appointment already booked!  All's well on the ENT front!!

We had a special review for Peyton's schooling today.  We met with the special ed teacher and a few of her homebound education therapists.  Peyton had a decent school year this year.  She's been through a lot, and has regressed in some areas, but they're looking at her responses to people, and how she reaches for things and they think that she's shown definite improvement.  Of course, it's often on her own terms.  It's not where they'd like for it to be, but she's improved in her social interaction with them and that is great!  There is an extended school year which is at the school for a few weeks or so during the summer.  This wasn't offered to her for this summer.  The reason is really that Peyton has had the longest stretch EVER of school/therapies at home since she started school at age 3.  Even this year, there were lots of interruptions.  However, for the past few months, she's been doing relatively ok and has had more opportunity to have her teacher/therapists see her at home.  So, really, it was decided that she (like most people) just needs a break.  We'll convene again with the group to discuss her IEP for the next school year later in the summer.  We'll decide then if she's to be homebound or exactly how things will work for the next school year.

On the health front, Peyton's new antibiotics are giving her some issues with horrible diarrhea.  This has resulted in a nasty diaper rash which left her very out of sorts yesterday and not sleeping well at all for the past few nights.  She was much improved today, so I'm hoping she'll get a much better night's sleep.

We are finishing up this week with the current nursing agency and will be moving on to the new agency.  After speaking with the new agency this week, we are very much encouraged that we should be able to get her 84 hours a week staffed no problem.  One of the new nurses for Peyton, as it turns out, actually lives in our apartment complex!!  Not in our building, but very close by!  How nice is that for her?!  

I hope all my Canadian family and friends had a safe and enjoyable Victoria Day weekend last weekend.  Wishing my American friends a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend this coming weekend!

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