Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I mentioned yesterday that Peyton was to have her Cardiology appointment today.  She did, so here's a quick update on that.

Peyton had a 12:00 appointment with Cardiology.  When we arrived, the nurse said Peyton would be having an EKG and cardiac ultrasound and then we'd be seeing the doctor.  The EKG was fairly quick.  The ultrasound was 30+ minutes.  The room where the ultrasound was was like an oven.  I thought we would perish before we were through!  After that, it was back to the waiting room.

I'm not sure what happened while we were out doing the tests, but the population in the waiting area exploded and it was hard to find a seat!  We were sitting down a little before 1:00.  We were taken back and were seeing the doctor sometime just before 3:00.  UGH!  Once we were back there, things moved along quickly.

The resident came in first and then the attending.  Both assured us that Peyton's heart is not an area that we need to have immediate concern over.  She does have a murmur and a mitral valve prolapse as discovered before.  However, they are not to the extent of needing medication or other intervention.  Peyton's severe sleep apnea and having had over a year of continuous respiratory issues hasn't helped her, but she's not in any distress or having any acute problems.  For now, the Cardiologist would like to monitor her heart - see her back in a year.  He's not keen on the idea of putting her on any meds at this point in time.  She doesn't need them at this stage and she's already got so much other stuff going on that adding another med might cause more trouble than it is intended to solve!

So, it was a good appointment.  I like when that happens.  Praise God for a mostly-healthy heart!! 

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