Thursday, March 17, 2011


Peyton was scheduled for her eye exam under general anesthetic this morning.  This has already been rescheduled once due to illness.  Last night, Peyton's heart rate was running higher than normal, so it was a little concerning.  She's also been a little more congested than usual.  By the time I went to bed, I was already having my doubts about this procedure actually happening.  When we woke up, sure enough her heart rate was even higher and she had a low grade fever.  At 7:00 this morning, I was calling the two numbers I had for people who might need to be contacted to cancel the procedure.  Actually, they weren't the "right" ones for the immediate need of canceling, but I figured I could leave early morning messages and hope they would be returned.  I wound up calling the main line to the hospital to see if I could be transferred to the procedure area.  I actually wound up speaking to a friend of mine from choir who is an operator at MUSC.  He put me through to the place I needed to speak with and within a couple minutes I'd spoke to a nurse and explained why I was having to cancel, and we were all set.

Peyton's a little better now than she was this morning, but she's just not herself.  I did speak with the nurse practitioner in the pulmonary clinic to get some advice.  I think we're ok to just watch and wait til tomorrow to see how she is doing then.  We're hoping to see an improvement by then!

As for when the procedure will be rescheduled to, I am not sure - that phone call wasn't returned! 

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