Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Was Once Lost...

Ok...so I either have apologies to make or thanks to give to God for slapping me upside the head just now. I just got a phone call from Texas Children's Hospital's heart center. Someone turned in a hearing aid. The lady remembered me and knew exactly who it belonged to. I'm sending a courier over now to get it. So, why when I had what was arguably the most miserable day in recent memory, I pretty much lost all hope and faith. Why I cannot hang on to those words “Have Faith” is beyond me! To top it off…does anyone watch the show “Eli Stone”?? If not, it's a high-powered attorney turned humanitarian as the result of a brain aneurism which causes him to hallucinate about the next big case, which winds up being a pro bono case which will have a great impact on the “lowly” people who need the help of someone like him. His hallucinations often involve the music of George Michael, or George Michael himself. So, perhaps I've gotten too “in” to the show where I've had George Michael's song “Faith” on constant replay in my mind. I think I need to pay more attention to the little voices in my head!
God bless whoever turned in the hearing aid! And thank you to all of you for giving me encouragement.

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