Friday, April 11, 2008

In Other News...

With all the craziness in our lives, I thought it was important to take the time out to share a story which brought so much hope and joy to my life just a couple days ago.
I traveled to Canada on my own between April 2-7 while my mother had a mastectomy just 2 months after being diagnosed with breast cancer. With everything she has done for our family, I felt the urge to try to be there for her when she needed a hand. It was difficult for me to leave the kids, but I knew they were in good hands. I was anxious to see them upon my return.
Moira was so excited when I came back. She was still up when I arrived home late on the evening of the 7th. Peyton, however, was asleep and I wouldn't see her until after work on the 8th. I was quite anxious to see how she would react. It was a busy evening, as usual. I picked up Moira, went to the chiropractor, ran home to get her fed and changed and out the door to her Tuesday night faith formation class at church. Ron was picking up Peyton, but made it home in time to take Moira to church. So, when he got home, he literally brought Peyton in, put her on the floor in the living room, and ran back out the door with Moira. So, I was on my own for what was to come.
Peyton, as usual, was happy to be home. When I walked over to her, the smile on her face was incredible. She was SO thrilled to see me. It just made me so happy. Now, as you know, though Peyton is almost 23 months old, she cannot speak and does not say simple words like "mama" or "dada" or any of the usual first baby words. She makes a limited variety of sounds, but nothing you could call a "word". If we say "Up, up, up!" in this little game we have, she might respond with a simple "uh" - so she's getting the concept, but just doesn't outright say "uh" if she decides at any random moment that she wants picked up. Anyway, long story short...After a few moments of smiling and bouncing a little on the floor, as she does when she is excited, she started saying "mamamamamamama". Just a constant repetiton of the "ma" sound. Not so much "mama". But, given that she can say other sounds, and she chose at that moment to use the "ma" sound... Well, I nearly broke down. It was the first moment where I just knew that what she was saying was a recognition that I am "mama" to her.
So, it has been nearly 2 years of waiting anxiously for one of those big milestone moments which seem very few and far between. This one was definitely worth the wait. It was just one of those moments where, as difficult as things often are for us, it just goes to show that there is hope that things will improve and that SOMEONE is watching over us. And it all goes back to that day a few months back when Peyton's hearing aid was lost and found destroyed in the parking lot when I could really hear a voice saying "Have faith."

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