Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Appeals & Updates

I realized it has been quite a while since I updated this site, so I thought I would take a few minutes of my lunch hour to post an update!
Since Peyton got her chair, she has been really enjoying it. It's quite heavy and we still need to figure out a way for me to transport it without killing my back. I'm already going to the chiropractor 3-5 times a week, each and every week, so I'm not about to ruin all the good work he's been doing! She tolerates it for up to about an hour at a time, which is great.
The feeding with the special squeeze bottle/straw is improving. We've transitioned to pureed table foods. So far, her favorite seems to be a pear flavored yogurt blended with real pears. I tried chicken and broccoli, but that didn't go over real well. We just need to keep trying to see what she will eat well. She's not eating a great amount of food by this method yet, so we need to find something.
I am still working on getting letters from Peyton's doctors to support my second appeal for all those therapy claims that were denied. It's hard getting everyone to get you something by a certain time! I'm not optimistic about the appeal. I filed a complaint with the state, but apparently the state doesn't regulate self-funded insurance plans. It took them about a month to tell me that.
Peyton's therapy is going well, although they cut back by one visit a week in the hopes of making it further into the year before the insurance decides to stop paying again. They started paying again in the new year but they can review at any time. It's ridiculous. I can't give my child everything she needs for fear of insurance. Great feeling.
She had her appointment with her Neurologist on 2/28/08. It's always one of those visits where he's really examining her closely, but doesn't say a whole lot. In the end, we have a 22 month old child who is developmentally between 6-9 months of age. It was not an eventful visit.
Peyton was scheduled for an appointment with a Cardiologist on 2/29/08. However, when I got there, they had no idea who we were or what we were there for. Must have gotten us mixed up with the other Fontenot family who happened to sign in for an appointment with the same doctor at the same time. We still haven't sorted through that mess.
Peyton was to have her every-three-month eye exam done under general anesthetic (for her glaucoma) on 3/03/08, but in her pre-op assessment the week prior, she had a little bit of tonsilitis. The doctor decided it was better to postpone if we could. So, she had her exam done just this past Monday (3/17/08). It went well. Her pressures are on the low side, but nothing the doctor is too concerned about. The only thing he noticed was that her lower right eye lid is not flush against the eye ball as it should be. Probably a result of how she healed after having so many of those chalazions removed back in December. She'll likely have a consult with an occuloplastics doctor as it can result in problems with how her eye is wetting. We do see her regular Ophthalmologist tomorrow and we'll see what she has to say about that.
In the middle of all of this, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and subsequently had to cancel her trip down here to visit for Moira's 4th birthday. We were very sorry to hear of her news and hope she's doing well. She seems to be in great spirits as she awaits the treatment phase.
Never a dull moment in our family!
Happy Easter to all!

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