Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Another ER Visit

Well, Miss Peyton got this week off to a good start. We had friends over for a mini Super Bowl party Sunday night. She was a bit cranky and felt a little warm, but not too bad. We put her down for a nap around 5 but even after she woke up she was still pretty cranky. We checked her temperature later and it was over 102 and then by midnight was over 103. That would explain a lot! I went in to work Monday for a few hours and to bring stuff home to work on and got home around 9am. She still had a fever. I made a doctor appointment for her but couldn't get in til 4:45!
I let Peyton rest all day and tried to feed her but she wanted no part of it. She wouldn't drink anything. I tried to give her medicine droppers full of formula and PediaSure, but she knew what I was up to and made her opinion pretty well known. I got her to the doctor and waited and waited and waited. She was the last patient of the day. So, I think we were seen somewhere around 6 or so. Her temp was up but not quite as high and her pulse ox level was a bit low. Peyton was coughing and her breathing was sounding pretty rattly. The doctor decided to send us over to the hospital ER for tests.
So, I drove the car around (the hospital is next door to the doctor's building), and took Peyton in to the ER. Forget those stories you hear about hospital ER overcrowding and eternal waits. There were maybe 10 people and we waited maybe 10-15 minutes (if that) before being called back to see the screening nurse. Usually they dump you back out in the waiting room, but she took Peyton right back to a room. Her heart rate was fast and pulse ox level low. We had to wait a while once in the room but they did a chest x-ray which wound up being normal, and did blood work which wound up being ok. They got her on an IV so she could get fluids as she was pretty dehydrated. She also had to be able to drink on her own. She managed a little but was mad because she couldn't hold her bottle herself with her one arm strapped to a board (IV in that arm). She didn't want my help either! So, we were finally declared ready to go. Too bad...I was "enjoying" the man in the room next door going on and on and on about how all he drank that day was carrot juice.
We got home pretty late last night and I made Peyton even more mad by having to hook her up to her pulse ox monitor here, as we do every night. But FINALLY she was able to go to sleep and not be interrupted...as was I. Of course, now that it's morning, I am not feeling too hot myself and am home feeling sick and taking care of Peyton. But Peyton is in much better spirits today.

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