Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sleep Study Results

Ron and I met with the doctor about Peyton's sleep study yesterday. As expected, her sleep apnea is "severe" (it was before this study). She woke up around 77 times an hour through the study. The doctor did want her to be put on the BiPAP machine at home. We had a very long discussion with the doctor about this. She said it was something to think very seriously about as it is a form of artificial ventilation that would breathe for her at times. We debated whether or not the benefits of this machine were better than the benefits of being on oxygen alone, as she has been for several months now at night. The doctor also mentioned that prolonged use of the mask could cause "facial remodeling", and as Peyton already has a significant dip in the top of her nose, she felt like it could make that worse and affect her breathing. It was a lot to consider - definitely a serious issue. She commented in general terms that kids with neurological impairments often pass away from respiratory issues, so it's important we do what is best for Peyton. If her brain doesn't tell her to wake up when she stops breathing, that could be very bad for her.
So, for now, we are going to continue on oxygen alone at night. I did send a copy of the study to the pediatrician and we'll let her put in her two cents regarding the BiPAP machine. We'll see what she has to say.
On the insurance front, I have submitted a formal complaint against my insurance company to the Texas Board of Insurance. Hopefully that will have some effect in helping to turn around all these denied therapy claims which still remain unresolved.
In positive news, for the first time, Peyton finished a complete "squeeze bottle" serving of her food using the new method the feeding therapist recommended. Granted it was only about 3 oz and was fed throughout the afternoon, but she finished it!
Not too much else is going on. I think all of that is enough!! I'll keep you upated on how everything turns out.

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