Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!
The Fontenot family survived a 3,400 mile round trip vacation to Canada over the holidays!! Peyton was a little fussier than normal on the journey, but she was a trouper. Moira did great. Thank God for dvd players!
It's a new year with hopefully a brighter outlook ahead. Peyton seems to be doing very well these days. She's getting heavier, that is for sure! She seems like she's getting a lot bigger. She's happy all the time. Her eyes seem to be doing really well since she had that surgery a month ago. I need to find out when we have to go back for a check up, but I don't see any problems myself. Peyton is also improving in her head control and is tolerating being on her stomach more and more. She seems much stronger, though we still have a long road ahead with her therapy.
In the coming weeks, Peyton will have a speech and feeding evaluation at Texas Children's Hospital, a sedated hearing test, and an eye exam under general anesthetic to check on the status of her glaucoma. Aside from that, it's routine therapy and a visit to the neurologist for a follow up where he will measure her developmental progress. That should be interesting.
Moira is doing great. She had her first ballet recital at her daycare on December 20th. She was probably the most distracted of the little group of ballerinas, as she was quite excited that her mommy, daddy and baby sister were all there to watch her. It was very cute and we did get it on video to torture her with in about 15 years or so. Yesterday her daycare had a clinic come in to assess the kids who would be 4 by September (including Moira!) in terms of hearing, vision, and speech/language development. I don't have the results yet, but would be stunned if they weren't excellent. To us, she seems like she's a very bright little girl. The only concern I have is that she will squint a lot lately when she's pointing to something, but I kind of think she's doing it because she figured out how, not because she can't see clearly. We'll see.
Aside from that, it's back to the normal stressful daily grind here at home. We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and wish you all the best for the new year.

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