Friday, January 25, 2008

A Ball of Stress

We are continuing to struggle with this whole insurance mess as far as Peyton's physical therapy goes. It was deemed that her therapy was "not medically necessary" which, if you've ever heard anything about Peyton, you'd know how ridiculous that was. It's become an absolute nightmare that we are fighting every single day. It is, of course, not without its effects on us. My chiropractor wasn't even able to adjust my neck the other day because it was so locked up from all the stress. I did appeal the denials, but unfortunately my HR benefits advocate is now backing down and basically saying she wants limited involvement. She informed the insurance company of my decision to appeal without allowing me to gather and sumbit supporting documentation for my appeal. So, my appeal is simply based on my statement "I want to appeal." and is going to be based on all the same information they allegedly have on file for Peyton's claims. So, I'm not exactly sure how that works, but it looks like we'll very likely be out of pocket for nearly 2 months worth of visits (mostly 3x/week during that period). It is absolutely ridiculous.
The hits just keep on coming...
Last Saturday, Peyton's hearing aid (the new one that replaced the damaged one before the holidays) died. It just doesn't work. I don't know why. So, she's again down one hearing aid. Then a couple days ago her right contact lens broke. So, she is down one lens until we can get a replacement.
In positive news, her therapy is continuing and Peyton is making improvements, so that is good. She had a feeding evaluation on the 14th and we're implementing a new method of feeding her which, hopefully, will lessen the risk of her aspirating her food and get more food into her in a safer way without having to resort to a feeding tube yet.
Peyton is going for her 2nd sleep study this Sunday night. That should be fun. It was like torture for her last time, as they hook her up to so many things. She only slept about an hour, in the last hour of the study (or maybe that was me...). So, when the study ends on Monday at 6:30 am, I'll take her home, get her ready to go to her babysitter, send her off with Ron who will be leaving to bring Moira to her daycare, and I'll go back to bed and enjoy my vacation day, hopefully mostly with my eyes closed. I need a rest!!
Not too much else is new...mostly just the negative/stressful stuff that we wish would end soon! I keep hoping things will improve, but no luck so far. If this is some kind of test of our strength as a's getting to be a bit much! If it is to show us no one ever said life was fair...yeah, we get that. There must be some meaning behind all of the struggles that we are going through. It just hasn't revealed itself yet. So, we just keep pushing forward, hoping to achieve some kind of life where things just kind of flow along at an even pace rather than have these extremes we're going through now.
I'll keep you updated on how Peyton's sleep study goes. Have a great weekend.

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