Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Post-Surgery & A Fever

Peyton is bouncing back from her surgery finally. She spent most of the weekend being very sleepy and eventually a bit on the cranky side. She was finally opening her eyes more than half-way by the end of Monday. She's doing better with that now. Now, though, she is starting to rub her eyes a lot more, which is something we do not want. That will introduce more bacteria to her eyes and worsen the problem. I think what's happening is that her eye lids are in the healing process and are probably very itchy right now. Hopefully she can tolerate the compresses and medication enough to give her some relief.
Last night, Peyton came home from her babysitter's with a 102 temperature and her breathing sounded extremely congested and "crackly". I had great fears about pneumonia developing as it did back in May. Ron's home with her this morning and I'll leave work early to be with her this afternoon. Hopefully she can see her doctor and rule this out. Ron said she sounds a bit better this morning and her temp is down a bit. That is good news.
All of this makes us feel like "Can't the Fontenots EVER catch a break??" It seems like we just can't. I know that better, easier times are ahead. I have to believe that. But just when you think things are looking up, something always comes up. I just feel so badly for her to be going through everything she goes through. It breaks my heart that that's what her life is right now.
I'm very anxious now for our vacation, which begins on the 21st. We'll be hitting the road around 3am on the 21st and driving as far as Illinois. The kids are great travelers, thank God, so that shouldn't be too bad. Just a long day. The next day we'll drive to Green Bay, WI to spend a night with family there and then on the 23rd we'll arrive home at my parent's house. Yes, it is a long drive, but right now I'm thinking it sounds GREAT compared to what our every day life consists of at the moment!! We need that break - the change of scenery and change of pace.
I'll keep you updated on how Peyton is doing.

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