Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hearing Aid Update

I called Texas Children's Hospital first thing Monday morning regarding Peyton's hearing aid. Within 15 minutes I'd been sent a claim form, filled it in, had it notarzied, and faxed back to the audiology department. By mid-afternoon, the lady was calling me back to say the company where it is being ordered from had it ready to ship. It should be in hopefully today, but then TCH will have to program it and then call me to pick up. Sounds like we should be back in business before the week is out!
Peyton's eye continues to flare up with those chalazions. We're thankful she's having this surgery. Hopefully that will give her a fresh start and we can break this vicious cycle.
Enjoying the "cold" weather in Houston (it's gone down into the mid 30's overnight and was 50 this morning driving in). I miss the snow, but will be so happy to see it in a couple weeks when we travel north for the holidays!

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