Friday, December 7, 2007

Another Eye Surgery

Peyton had her surgery this morning. We had to be there for 5:30 am. We got home around noon. The surgery was much longer than I thought it would be. When the doctor checked her eyes, she counted no fewer than 5-6 chalazions in each eyelid, upper and lower. So that's at least 20-30 with there being more than 6 in a couple. After the surgery, the recovery area likes to keep them til they are alert and able to drink some fluids. She never really woke up. She stirred a couple times. I did finally get her to take a bottle but she was still pretty out of it. We got home a little before noon and she has been sleeping ever since. She stirred a couple times and took another bottle, but she's really out of it. I don't remember her being this wiped out after any general anesthetic before. Hopefully she'll perk up soon. Her eyes look terrible right now. I'm not really anxious to start giving her the ointment which has to go inside her eyelids. The doctor thinks she is aggravating the problem herself by rubbing her eyelids so much, so she's become very prone to getting them. We have our instructions on how to help her over the next several months. Hopefully that will break the cycle.

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