Thursday, November 8, 2007

Peyton's First Dental Appointment

Peyton had her first dentist appointment this morning. We were in and out of there so fast, I thought something had to be wrong! The dentist was very nice. They raised up the dental chair and then reclined it all the way back so I could just lay Peyton down on the part that's normally the back of the chair. He used the little mirror and checked all her teeth. She fussed a lot, but he was quick about it. When he was through he said that her teeth looked good - no build up on the teeth, no cavitites; her gums are healthy and everything looks great. He said she had a little wear on her top front teeth but he said that's not uncommon when the back teeth haven't come in yet. Peyton got her free tiny little toothbrush and we were on our way. It was a good day for Peyton.
Moira on the other hand has had some sort of stomach bug this week. She was running a bit of a fever thorugh the night on Monday, so missed daycare on Tuesday and then returned Wednesday. I'd hate for her to miss her ballet!! She seemed to be in good spirits, but I think she had a bit of an upset stomach during the day. Last night she definitely had an upset stomach and at one point her temperature was back up a little. She stayed home again today.
I normally work from home on Thursdays to handle Peyton's appointments, so I was already going to be around except for the dentist appointment. Ron went in to work around 5:30 this morning so he could come back home by 8:00 so I could leave with Peyton. He watched Moira and then when I got home, he returned to work. We kept our fingers crossed all day long that Moira could go back to daycare tomorrow, but she's just not feeling 100%. She still has an upset stomach. She can't go back feeling like this. So, in our never-ending life-drama of "how will we handle this?", we're once again having to figure out how to handle tomorrow, as both of us have deadlines tomorrow. Ron has elected to stay at work tonight til his is finished. For the third time this week, I will get up at 3:00 am so I can get to work at a ridiculous 4:30 am so I can get in extra time in case I have to leave early.
Ron and I have barely seen each other for days it seems. We've been burning the candle at both ends for so long. Hopefully one day soon we'll catch a break! I am most anxious for Thanksgiving weekend, as we'll have 4 days off with no appointments! Christmas will be better as it will be a week and a half wiht no appointments while we are away!
Somehow I'm managing to fit in 3 chiropractor visits a week for myself. The doctor is wonderful. He's very family-oriented and he insists on checking every member of the family out within 2 weeks of you starting your treatment plan - which is a set plan of x number of visits for x amount of time and then be re-checked...and you pay for it mostly up-front so you're committed. He doesn't want to treat people who ocassionally come in just when they feel bad because then the problems are never solved. It's been nearly a month now and I feel a million times better, although I have a LONG road ahead. I'm to go 3 times a week probably through the end of December and then I'll have another set of x-rays done and see where we go from there. He did check Ron out as a freebie and laid out a plan for him to follow for chiropractic care. Kids are always free - he sees Peyton twice a week and Moira once every other week. The spouse plan is at a significantly reduced rate; however, there's only so many ways you can stretch a dollar when you have all the medical bills and normal debt that we have, so he hasn't started his plan yet. The doctor was asking me about him last week and said he'd like to see him back and I said he'd love to come back but it just can't happen right now. So, the next time I was in he asked for Ron again and said he was "running a special....spouses are free". I was very touched by that and very appreciative. Unfortunately, Ron's schedule hasn't been the best for starting this, but hopefully he can start going next week as well. The chiropractor's practice is very Christian-oriented and he has a sign behind the front desk "We work for God, not money." I believe this to be true!
So, that's the story for this evening. Hopefully Moira is feeling better by the end of the weekend so she can return to "The Barn", as she calls it (her daycare literally looks like a big red barn...and even though it's within the city, they are on a bit of property and they have a pony and a donkey as well as some other animals).
Join me next time, in the continuing story of "A Day in the Life..."
Have a great weekend!

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